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Convert UTC to local time in Rails 3

I'm having trouble converting a UTC

to local time in Rails 3.

is some
variable in UTC (e.g.
moment =
). How do I convert
to my time zone, taking care of DST (i.e. using EST/EDT)?

More precisely, I'd like to printout "Monday March 14, 9 AM" if the time correspond to this morning 9 AM EDT and "Monday March 7, 9 AM" if the time was 9 AM EST last monday.

Hopefully there's another way?

Edit: I first thought that "EDT" should be a recognized timezone, but "EDT" is not an actual timezone, more like the state of a timezone. For instance it would not make any sense to ask for
. It is a bit confusing, as "EST" is an actual timezone, used in a few places that do not use Daylight savings time and are (UTC-5) yearlong.

Answer Source

Rails has its own names. See them with:

rake time:zones:us

You can also run rake time:zones:all for all time zones. To see more zone-related rake tasks: rake -D time

So, to convert to EST, catering for DST automatically:"Eastern Time (US & Canada)")
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