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Socket.IO: How do I remove a namespace

I need to be able to construct and destruct namespaces on-the-fly. It is easily to find information how to create a namespace, but I find nothing about how I remove/disconnect the namespace to release its memory.

Say I got the following code already running:

var nsp = io.of('/my-namespace');
nsp.on('connection', function(socket){
console.log('someone connected'):
nsp.emit('hi', 'everyone!');

How do I disconnect/remove the namespace created above?

Answer Source

The io.of method just creates an array element:

Server.prototype.of = function(name, fn){
  if (String(name)[0] !== '/') name = '/' + name;

  if (!this.nsps[name]) {
    debug('initializing namespace %s', name);
    var nsp = new Namespace(this, name);
    this.nsps[name] = nsp;
  if (fn) this.nsps[name].on('connect', fn);
  return this.nsps[name];

So I assume you could just delete it from the array in socket io. I tested it pretty quick and it seems to work. Sockets that are already connected, keep connected.

delete io.nsps['/my-namespace'];

Connecting to /my-namespace then falls back to the default namespace. I don't know if this is a good solution, but maybe you can play with this a little..

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