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Make Dart-Polymer model class reflectable without JsProxy

I have a dart server running on AppEngine and a Dart-Polymer client. The idea was to share common logic, such as the models. However, there is a little problem. Usually you would make your model-Classes extend

and than annotate all relative fields with
in order to use them in data binding. Unfortunately the model which works with AppEngine's datastore already inherits from Model. Besides that, I am not sure whether
is available on the server. Hence, I have to find another way to make my model reflectable for the UI.

Annotating Project#name with @reflectable didn't work. Same empty div as output.

When including JsProxy in the model:

The built-in library 'dart:html' is not available on the stand-alone

Any ideas?

@Kind(name: 'Project', idType: IdType.Integer)
class Project extends Model {

@StringProperty(required: true)
String name;


class ProjectList extends PolymerElement {

@property List<Project> projects;

ProjectList.created() : super.created();

ready() {

<dom-module id="projects-page">
<template is="dom-repeat" items="{{projects}}">



Answer Source

This is a known issue

The best workaround so far is to use proxy objects where the annotations are applied and that wrap the shared model classes.

class FooProxy extends JsProxy implements Foo {
  final Foo model;


  int get bar =>;
  set(int value) { = value}
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