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R "non-random" number simulaton

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This question is in regards to R. I would like to generate a "non-random" sample of 1's and 0's where the next value generated is dependant on the previous value. For example, if the first value in the vector is 1 then there is a 60% chance that next value is 1, and if the next value is a 0, then there is a 60% chance that the following will be 0. I have attached the question as it was posed to me. I greatly appreciate any help.

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Given your conditions, I would generate a sequence using for loop.


n = 10000                #As the Q said at least 10,000
seq = vector()
seq[1] = sample(0:1, 1)  #Also given in the Q

for(i in 2:n) {
  if(seq[i-1] == 0){
    seq[i] = sample(0:1, 1 , prob = c(0.6,0.4))
    seq[i] = sample(0:1, 1 , prob = c(0.4,0.6))

0    1 
4961 5039 
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