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HTML Question

Building HTML in Java code only

What is the simplest, fastest way to create a String object (I suppose) that contains HTML (with correct encoding), which I can return for example in

(Spring MVC) ?

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There can be several approaches.

First you can use String, or StringBuilder. This is good for extremely short HTMLs like <html>Hello, <b>world</b></html>

If HTML is more complicated it is easier to use some API. Take a look on these links:

Java HTML Builder (anti-template) library?

or search html builder java in google.

Other possibility is templating. If you actually have a template where you wish to replace a couple of words you can write your HTML as a *.html file with {0}, {}` marks for parameters. Then just use java.text.MessageFormat to create actual HTML text.

The next approach is to use "real" template engine like Velocity.

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