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PHPUnit: how do I mock multiple method calls with multiple arguments?

I am writing a unit test for a method using PHPUnit. The method I am testing makes a call to the same method on the same object 3 times but with different sets of arguments. My question is similar to the questions asked here and here

The questions asked in the other posts have to do with mocking methods that only take one argument.

However, my method takes multiple arguments and I need something like this:

->with($this->logicalOr($this->equalTo($arg1, $arg2, arg3....argNb),
$this->equalTo($arg1b, $arg2b, arg3b....argNb),
$this->equalTo($arg1c, $arg2c, arg3c....argNc)

This code doesn't work because
validates only one argument. Giving it more than one argument throws an exception:

Argument #2 of PHPUnit_Framework_Constraint_IsEqual::__construct() must be a numeric

Is there a way to do a
mocking for a method with more than one argument?

Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

In my case the answer turned out to be quite simple:

    ->with(/* first set of params */);

    ->with(/* second set of params */);

The key is to use $this->at(n), with n being the Nth call of the method. I couldn't do anything with any of the logicalOr() variants I tried.

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