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Sending mails with attachment via NodeJS

Is there any library for NodeJS for sending mails with attachment?

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Yes, it is pretty simple, I use nodemailer: npm install nodemailer --save

var mailer = require('nodemailer');
mailer.SMTP = {
    host: '', 
    use_authentication: true, 
    user: '', 
    pass: 'xxxxxx'

Then read a file and send an email :

fs.readFile("./attachment.txt", function (err, data) {

        sender: '',
        to: '',
        subject: 'Attachment!',
        body: 'mail content...',
        attachments: [{'filename': 'attachment.txt', 'content': data}]
    }), function(err, success) {
        if (err) {
            // Handle error

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