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How to programmatically ignore/skip tests with ScalaTest?

I am running some tests with ScalaTest which rely on connections to test servers to be present. I currently created my own Spec similar to this:

abstract class ServerDependingSpec extends FlatSpec with Matchers {

def serverIsAvailable: Boolean = {
// Check if the server is available

Is it possible to ignore (but not fail) tests when this method returns

Currently I do it in a "hackish" way:

"Something" should "do something" in {
if(serverIsAvailable) {
// my test code

but I want something like

whenServerAvailable "Something" should "do something" in {
// test code


"Something" should "do something" whenServerAvailable {
// test code

I think I should define my custom tag, but I can only refer to the source code of
and I do not understand how I should plug in my custom implementations.

How should I accomplish this?

Answer Source

You can use Tags to achieve this:

Documentation on how to use Tags : http://www.scalatest.org/user_guide/tagging_your_tests

Adding and removing tagged test with command line parameters: http://www.scalatest.org/user_guide/using_the_runner#specifyingTagsToIncludeAndExclude

Example Code:

import org.scalatest.Tag

object ServerIsAvailable extends Tag("biz.neumann.ServerIsAvailable")

"Something" should "do something" taggedAs(ServerIsAvailable) in { 
  // your test here

Running the tests

Running the tests is a bitt tricky. It only works for testOnly and testQuick not test. In the example testOnly is short for testOnly *

 sbt "testOnly -- -l biz.neumann.ServerAvailable"
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