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C# Question

Bind ListBox with multiple fields

I am using VS2010 for c#. I have some data there in a table

Scores(team1,team2,battingteam,bowlingteam,score) I am using bindingSource to bind it with my listBox. The problem is that i can show only one member in DisplayMember property of listbox (e.g. team1 or team2 only). I want to do something like

team1 + " vs " + team2 + ": " + battingteam +" Score: " + score

how to do that?

Answer Source

I don't know in which data type you have your data ... but for example if you have them in DataTable returned from db you can create List<string> object and iterate datatable rows and create items in list object with formatting data as you want and by end bind list object to your listbox directly as below

List<string> teams = new List<string>();
foreach (DataRow dataRow in teamsDataTable.Rows)
    teams.Add(dataRow["team1"].ToString() + " vs " + dataRow["team2"].ToString() + ": " + dataRow["battingteam"].ToString() + " Score: " + dataRow["score"].ToString());
listBox1.DataSource = teams;
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