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SQL Question

How can I select rows by range?

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Select statement in SQLite recognizing row number

For example,

How can this be done? I've done some reading but haven't found anything specifically correct.

Imagine a list where you want results paged by an X amount of results, so for page 10 you would need results from rows 10 * X to 10 * X + X. Rather than display ALL results in one go

Answer Source

For mysql you have limit, you can fire query as :

SELECT * FROM table limit 100` -- get 1st 100 records
SELECT * FROM table limit 100, 200` -- get 200 records beginning with row 101

For Oracle you can use rownum

See mysql select syntax and usage for limit here.

For SQLite, you have limit, offset. I haven't used SQLite but I checked it on SQLite Documentation. Check example for SQLite here.

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