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How to use sed to replace a command followed by 0 or more spaces in bash

I can't figure out how to replace a comma followed by 0 or more spaces in a bash variable. here's what i have:

base="test00 test01 test02 test03"
options="test04,test05, test06"

for b in $(echo $options | sed "s/, \+/ /g")
base="${base} $b"

What i'm trying to do is append the "options" to the "base". Options is user input which can be empty or a csv list however that list can be

"test04, test05, test06" -> space after the comma

"test04,test05,test06" -> no spaces

"test04,test05, test06" -> mixture

what i need is my output "base" to be a space delimited list however no matter what i try my list keeps getting cut off after the first word.

My expected out is

"test00 test01 test02 test03 test04 test05 test06"

Answer Source

No need for sed, bash has built in pattern substitution parameter expansion. With bash 3.0 or later, extglob added support for more advanced regular expressions.

# Enables extended regular expressions for +(pattern)
shopt -s extglob

# Replaces all comma-space runs with just a single space
options="${options//,+( )/ }"

If you don't have bash 3.0+ available or don't like enabling extglob, simply strip all spaces which will work most of the time:

# Remove all spaces
options="${options// /}"

# Then replace commas with spaces
options="${options//,/ }"