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How to pass authentication token in RSpec test for JSON API?

I'm trying to add an authorization token to an RSpec

JSON API test in Rails. But everything tried so far results in an error. The issue seems that the token is not being properly passed in the request.

expected the response to have a success status code (2xx) but it was 401

Current code:

Project_spec.rb (tests)

before do
@project = create(:project, :key => "123")
get '/api/v1/projects/1', {:Authorization => "Token 123"}, format: :json

it "returns correct status" do
expect( response ).to have_http_status(:success)


before_filter :restrict_access, :except => :create

def show
@project = Project.find(params[:id])
render json: @project

def restrict_access
authenticate_or_request_with_http_token do |token, options|
Project.exists?(key: token)

Based on a few recommended solution found online, I've tried

  1. get '/api/v1/projects/1', format: :json, token: "123"

  2. get '/api/v1/projects/1', { 'HTTP-AUTHORIZATION' => 'Token "123"' }, format: :json

  3. get '/api/v1/projects/1', {:Authorization => "Token 123"}, format: :json

But nothing seems to successfully pass the authorization token.

Note: Style in #3 works when posting from an external application, but not in the RSpec test itself.

Does anyone have experience with this and can share some direction?

Answer Source

Use it like:

 get '/api/v1/projects/1', {}, { Authorization:  "Token 123"}

get is the http method, {} an empty params, { :Authorization => "Token 123"} headers

get(path, parameters = nil, headers_or_env = nil)


Other way:

before do
    # some code here
    @request.env['Authorization'] = "Token 123"
    get '/api/v1/projects/1', format: :json
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