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MySQL Question

Is there a way to use mysql client binary tool without installing to connect to another mysql server?

Here is the situation, I have access to some servers and don't have the root privilege to install mysql-client using 'yum', so I'm wondering maybe I can find some binary tool downloaded directly from internet to connect to another mysql server. I googled it, but failed. Does anybody know where I can find such thing? or some other solutions to my question?

Answer Source

The standard mysql client command line utility can be used in any Linux machine to connect to a MySQL Server anywhere if you have connectivity to TCP port 3306.

From, download MySQL Server, Linux, Generic, 64 bit (or 32 bit) TAR Archive. Un-tar it, and look for the program file called mysql in the directory bin/. That's the command line client. It doesn't need to be installed, just copy that file into your oath or run it from the current direcrory.

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