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AngularJS Question

While dividing an angular page vertically in two columns what should be used ng-view, div, table, i frame

I want to design a angular page like this:
enter image description here

In this page on the basis of the slections made in LHS pane, data would be rendered in RHS pane.

I need some help and suggestion, what should be used while designing such type of page. I have gone through some examples on internet and found this could be achieved through div, table, i-frame and ng-view.
So, which is the best option for designing this page.
Note: This page contains angular directives.

Answer Source

IMO you can try using Multiple Named Views from angular ui-router. You can then define your views simply in div using ui-view tag as:

  <div ui-view="filters"></div>
  <div ui-view="tabledata"></div>
  <div ui-view="graph"></div>
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