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Making a line graph in R with multiple treatments?

sorry for the multiple questions about R. I'm new and still learning! So I am currently trying to make a multiple-line line graph with my data. I have 3 treatment groups with 4 individuals each. I am planning on factoring those into 3 groups for R. First, I want to make sure my data is set up in such a way in excel that i could make this graph. Second, how would I go about doing this? Is ggplot the best tool or is there another package that could be utilized?

I would like to have my X-axis as the dates (these are

for eg.), my Y-axis as the weights, and my 3 treatment groups, Lean, AdLib, and HF, as the data lines. As I said above, I used
datum$Group= factor(Datum$Group)
to group the
individuals into their 3 treatment groups.

I have looked at other questions on here but it did not seem like they were what I wanted.

Here is my data:

structure(list(X10.5.15 = c(56L, 54L, 61L, 39L, 52L, 66L, 48L,
49L, 59L, 55L, 37L, 59L), X10.26.15 = c(76L, 70L, 72L, 61L, 79L,
93L, 72L, 72L, 84L, 71L, 50L, 85L), X11.3.15 = c(82L, 76L, 88L,
67L, 90L, 102L, 83L, 83L, 100L, 96L, 56L, 100L), X11.10.15 = c(87L,
84L, 93L, 71L, 99L, 110L, 93L, 93L, 109L, 107L, 65L, 112L), X11.17.15 = c(93L,
90L, 100L, 77L, 106L, 116L, 101L, 100L, 121L, 122L, 71L, 119L
), X11.24.15 = c(102L, 99L, 109L, 86L, 113L, 124L, 107L, 108L,
128L, 128L, 80L, 122L), X12.3.15 = c(114L, 113L, 123L, 100L,
118L, 132L, 122L, 118L, 143L, 142L, 91L, 137L), X12.10.15 = c(117L,
117L, 125L, 106L, 134L, 141L, 130L, 126L, 152L, 151L, 98L, 148L
), X12.17.15 = c(125L, 122L, 134L, 112L, 150L, 154L, 135L, 134L,
162L, 162L, 106L, 160L), X12.22.15 = c(128L, 127L, 135L, 114L,
156L, 161L, 141L, 140L, 166L, 176L, 109L, 166L), X12.29.15 = c(135L,
130L, 142L, 119L, 155L, 164L, 149L, 149L, 174L, 195L, 121L, 176L
), X1.5.16 = c(138L, 135L, 150L, 129L, 167L, 172L, 163L, 154L,
185L, 205L, 128L, 182L), X1.12.16 = c(154L, 157L, 166L, 146L,
180L, 188L, 173L, 163L, 200L, 208L, 140L, 188L), X1.19.16 = c(148L,
151L, 165L, 141L, 180L, 182L, 171L, 176L, 211L, 219L, 149L, 197L
), X1.26.16 = c(154L, 151L, 171L, 148L, 192L, 196L, 181L, 179L,
212L, 230L, 156L, 205L), X2.2.16 = c(162L, 162L, 179L, 154L,
200L, 200L, 191L, 184L, 228L, 228L, 162L, 225L), X2.9.16 = c(172L,
169L, 187L, 164L, 203L, 202L, 188L, 194L, 237L, 253L, 168L, 234L
), X2.16.16 = c(173L, 167L, 192L, 162L, 211L, 215L, 199L, 202L,
233L, 258L, 173L, 238L), X2.23.16 = c(185L, 174L, 202L, 172L,
220L, 218L, 208L, 204L, 253L, 254L, 185L, 239L), X2.29.16 = c(183L,
169L, 202L, 166L, 216L, 220L, 204L, 206L, 256L, 269L, 187L, 252L
), Pig = c(102L, 105L, 108L, 204L, 101L, 104L, 106L, 602L, 103L,
107L, 205L, 603L), Group = structure(c(3L, 3L, 3L, 3L, 1L, 1L,
1L, 1L, 2L, 2L, 2L, 2L), .Label = c("AdLib", "HF", "Lean"), class = "factor")), .Names = c("X10.5.15",
"X10.26.15", "X11.3.15", "X11.10.15", "X11.17.15", "X11.24.15",
"X12.3.15", "X12.10.15", "X12.17.15", "X12.22.15", "X12.29.15",
"X1.5.16", "X1.12.16", "X1.19.16", "X1.26.16", "X2.2.16", "X2.9.16",
"X2.16.16", "X2.23.16", "X2.29.16", "Pig", "Group"), row.names = c(NA,
-12L), class = "data.frame")

Thanks for your help in advance!

Answer Source

#Remove the 'X' from the dates
names(datum) <- sub("^X", "", names(datum))

We should reshape the data to long format. The idea is to have one column for each type of data.

datum_mlt <- melt(datum, id=c("Group", "Pig"), variable.name="dates")
#   Group Pig   dates value
# 1  Lean 102 10.5.15    56
# 2  Lean 105 10.5.15    54
# 3  Lean 108 10.5.15    61
# 4  Lean 204 10.5.15    39
# 5 AdLib 101 10.5.15    52
# 6 AdLib 104 10.5.15    66

As you can see there is a column for values, dates, ids, and treatment groups. This makes it easier to organize the information for plotting.

There are ten thousand ways to do this depending on how you want the data to look. You did not specify, so here is one example. We can clean up the axes and make everything look better if the format is correct:

p <- ggplot(datum_mlt, aes(x=dates, y=value, colour=Group, group=Pig))
p + geom_line()

enter image description here


Before grouping individuals, I would first remove the 'Pig' column, it looks like it helps, but it doesn't.

datum2 <- datum[names(datum) != "Pig"]
datum2 %<>% group_by(Group) %>% summarise_all(mean)
d_melt <- melt(datum2, id="Group")

We plot the data. And try to make it look a little nicer.

p <- ggplot(d_melt, aes(x=variable, y=value, colour=Group, group=Group))
p <- p + geom_line()
p <- p + scale_x_discrete(name="Date", breaks=unique(d_melt$variable)[c(T,F,F)])
p + ggtitle("Grouped Weights Over Time") + theme_minimal()

enter image description here

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