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Tools framework for single page application (web site)

Good day!

There is a number of similar questions here, but I'm particulary interested in such aspects of building single-page web applications:

  • What server components are well suited for a big number of AJAX requests (maybe, Node.js)? My server platform is *nix (Debian) and PHP.

  • When and how I need to replace AJAX with COMET and can I use the same server side?

  • What javascript frameworks can help me to organize client-side (I mean MVC, MVVM, client templates)?

Any good points on overal approaches and architecture patterns are really appreciated.


Answer Source

From various blogs, it seems like Angular JS will cater for the most of the SPA needs

Angular and Durandal Converge

Rob Eisenberg says:

I would join the AngularJS 2.0 Core Team and help to design and implement AngularJS 2.0, bringing all my experience with Caliburn.Micro and Durandal into the mix.

From Compare Durandal to Angular, Not Knockout to Angular

Knockout is a data binding library. It’s not a SPA framework.

Drundal Vs Angular: They solve the same problems (in different ways of course). They both have routing, animations, view orchestration, dependency management, as well as data binding.

Durandal is a natural progression from Knockout because Durandal uses Knockout. Durandal uses Knockout for data binding because its solid, very widespread, and reliable. Angular rolled their own data binding.

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