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Rebinding this on angular callback from inside link funtion

I have a directive similar to this this:

app.directive('example', function() {
return {
restrict: 'E',
transclude: true,
scope: {
callback: '&'
template: '<span ng-click="example.callback()">Click Me</span>',
bindToController: true,
controllerAs: 'example',
controller: function() {
this.counter = 0;

this.incrementCount = function() {

this.getCount = function() {
return this.counter;
link: function(scope, el, attrs, ctrl) {
var oldCallback = scope.callback;
ctrl.callback = function() {
return oldCallback.call(ctrl); // I want to be able to use `this` as the controller to access the API from within the callback

with a controller

app.controller("ctrl", ["$scope", function(s) {
s.callback = function() {
console.log("Value: " + this.getCount());

And view

<div ng-app="app">
<div class="container" ng-controller="ctrl">
<example callback="callback()"></example>


When I log ctrl in within the ctrl.callback in the link function it logs the example controller as I expect but when oldCallback is called, it doesn't get ctrl rebound to
as I want. Is there any way to access the API defined in the directive's controller from within the callback on the scope while still using an isolate scope for the directive?

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Answer Source

You could pass the directives controller out through the callback. e.g.

example html

<span ng-click="example.callback({$exampleCtrl:example})">Click Me</span>

index html

<example callback="callback($exampleCtrl)"></example>


$scope.callback = function($exampleCtrl) {
    console.log("Value: " + $exampleCtrl.getCount());


Also note that bindToController is only supported in AngularJs 1.3+ and your code pen was using 1.2

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