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MySQL Question

Random ID Number when user created

I want to use a users unique id to save a cookie - so that I know which user is logged in, and then I can change their content to suit.

I am currently just using the usual auto id when a new record is created, but I have heard that for creating user accounts (specifically when you're going to use that ID to change content) that you shouldn't have them 1 after another; e.g. not 378, 379,380 and so on but more like this 138462193, 109346286, 982638192 so it's kind of like a random unique identifier.

How would i achieve this?

Is this a best practice?

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You protect your data against attacks by using ACL, to limit which user has access to to what (and with what data). Foreign key relations to establish ownership between user and data, session ID regeneration at login, CRSF tokens to prevent attacks via other sites, and so forth.
Not to mention logging, to be able to find out what went wrong when things do go wrong.

Only in very special cases do you ever need to worry about the ID of users being sequential. Most of the time this ID will be available to other users, via the web site itself, anyway. As a part of normal operations.
Thus adding a random element to the user ID won't bring anything but a false sense of security. Even if you keep the internal ID different from the "external" user-facing ID, as long as you're using the external ID to identify and change content it's basically the same as the internal ID. Only valid reason for using a dual ID system, in most cases, is for human readability. If you're uncertain about whether your use case is one of the exceptions, it's not.

PS: I see in your comment that you say that the passwords are encrypted. Hopefully you mean "salted and hashed", more specifically by using password_hash () and it's associated functions.

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