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Python Question

Tableau and R Server for Python

I have recently discovered you can use R within Tableau, to return bool, int, long etc. This happens by the following:

// Should say "Starting RServe..."

Then in Tableau:

// For Tableau under 'Help' > 'Settings and Performance' > 'Manage R Connections'
// Server: and Port:6311
// Make sure that 'RStudio' with 'RServer' is installed and running prior to Tableau connection

However I would like to do the same thing with Python, so Python can be used as a script in Tableau (not using Tableau's api in Python) - anyone know if this is possible? The snippet above was taken from here

Answer Source

There isn't a Script() call for languages other than R as of Tableau 8.2.

You could try using R as a middleman to invoke Python functions via the rPython or RSPython packages. No idea how performant it would be, but might be worth the hassle if you have a significant Python library that isn't available in R.

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