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iOS Question

Unbalanced calls to begin/end appearance transitions for <FirstViewController: 0x2a2c00>

I have this problem when I simulate my app, its not an error or a warning but it appears in my console, has anyone ever experienced this before?

Answer Source

In my case, this error occurs when you click two tabs in a tableview very fast.

The result causes wrong titlename, back button disappear. Someone mentioned that when you push a view, set animated:NO. The error will disappear but still causes some strange behavior. It pushes two views, then you need to back twice to get back the tableview screen.

Method I tried in order to resolve this problem:

add BOOL cellSelected;

in viewWillAppear cellSelected = YES;

in didselectcell delegate if (cellSelected){cellSelected = NO; do action ; }

This helps prevent clicking two different cells very fast.

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