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JS/Es6 how to merge two arrays and override values in their objects

Lets say I have an array like this

let arrayOne = [{text="one", value=0},{text="two", value=0}]
let arrayTwo = [{text="two", value=5}]

will always the entire set of objects I want, but all the values will be 0.
will have a subset of this array but will always have a value set. What I want is as follows, if
objects exists in
then copy the value to the

So in the end I would want

let arrayOne = [{text="one", value=0},{text="two", value=5}]

I did something like this, but I feel I am missing some es6 magic.

for (let orig of arrayOne) {
arrayTwo.find(item => {
if (item.value == orig.value) {
Object.assign(orig, item);

Answer Source

It is

arrayOne = => {
  return Object.assign(item1, arrayTwo.find(item2 => {
    return item2 && item1.text === item2.text
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