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Best way to store bank account information of users?

What is the best way to safely store bank account information of users in a ruby on rails app?

I would like to store the information in a way in which admins can view the full bank info while still being encrypted in the database.

The point of this is so that I have a quick reference to their bank info in order to wire money to their bank accounts from my own bank website.

Is this a good idea?

Any ideas for doing this securely with minimum liability?


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for something like this I like to use the attr_encrypted gem this is really simple to use

1) add the attr_encrypted to the Gemfile

gem "attr_encrypted" 

2) now in your model you can do something like

class User
  attr_encrypted :bank_account_number, key: 'This is a key that is 256 bits!!'

3) now all you need to know is how to get the data out

  user =
  user.bank_account_number = '123456789'
  user.bank_account_number # returns the unencrypted object ie. '123456789'
  user.encrypted_bank_account_number # returns the encrypted version of :bank_account_number

I hope that this helps Happy Hacking

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