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Typehead.js strange behaviour remotely - sometimes not showing result

I have a lot of strange things happen using latest typehead (typeahead.js 0.11.1) as typeheadbundle

First of all I'm using typeahead.bundle.min.js v0.11.1 remotely with 2 datasets. Problem is server is responding correctly, but typehead just doesn't care, and says nothing found.

The strange thing that sometimes typehead displays results correctly, sometimes only one dataset and sometimes it displaying nothing. But the server gives results!


I found out that typehead has a bug in latest stable version. Here is fixed

Answer Source

typehead has bug in latest stable version :)

I didn't believe it.

Untill found some good guys made a fork and fixed it

I though if this is maintained by twitter - and I'm using latest stable version - probably I do something wrong, but even big name fails :(

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