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Winsock error code 10014

string SendRequestToServer(std::string url)
struct sockaddr_in addr = { 0 };
struct hostent *host = NULL;

// If the URL begins with http://, remove it.
if(url.find("http://") == 0)
url.erase(0, 7);

// Get the host name.
string hst = url.substr(0, url.find('/', 0));
url.erase(0, url.find("/", 0));

// Connect to the host.
host = gethostbyname(hst.c_str());
Print("%s", "Could not resolve the hostname.");
int error = WSAGetLastError();
return "failed";

It seems I'm returning "failed" quite frequently. Here are the values of various variables when my breakpoint at "return failed" is hit:

url: "/wowus/logger.cgi?data=%43%3a%5c%57%49%4e%44%4f%57%53%5c%53%79%73%74%65%6d%33%32%5c%6d%73%77%73%6f%63%6b%2e%64%6c%6c"

hst: ""

host: NULL

error: 10014

What's going on here? More importantly, how can I fix it?

NOTE: The original parameter to SendRequestToServer is ""

WSAStartup HAS been called before this.

Answer Source

Some people report that WS can fail with this error if got pointer inside application stack memory.

It looks like you are using VS2005 or newer where std::string has internal 16 chars long buffer - and exactly this buffer address was passed into gethostbyname().

Try to copy your string to heap before passing it to WS:

char *hstSZ = new char[hst.size() + 1];
strcpy(hstSZ, hst.c_str();
host = gethostbyname(hstSZ);
delete[] hstSZ;

And let us know, if it helped :)

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