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R Question

View entire data frame when wrapped in tbl_df?

) is a version of a data frame created by the
data frame manipulation package in R. It prevents long table outputs when accidentally calling the data frame.

Once a data frame has been wrapped by
, is there a command to view the whole data frame though (all the rows and columns of the data frame)?

If I use
, I will see all 100 rows, but if I use
, it will only display the first 10 rows. I would like to easily display all the rows to quickly scroll through them.

Is there either a dplyr command to counteract this or a way to unwrap the data frame?


Answer Source

You could also use

print(tbl_df(df), n=40)

or with the help of the pipe operator

df %>% tbl_df %>% print(n=40)
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