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Javascript Question

How to profile Javascript now that JSPerf is down?

As some of you probably noticed jsperf is down for some time. But I still need to profile my Javascripts. Is there any possibility to do comparison tests ideally without the help of an external software?

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jsperf is based on benchmarkjs so using an online code editor (like jsfiddle, jsbin, plunker etc...) and including benchmarkjs as a library will do.

The only feature you won't have will be the compiled results for each browsers. This is just a temporary alternative.

Here is a jsfiddle template : https://jsfiddle.net/533hc71h/

But since we don't really care about html nor css I found plunker more suitable. Coupled with systemjs you can then separate your code into multiple files.

Here is the template : https://plnkr.co/edit/pJg5LsiSNqlc6immmGsW

*Trick to stackoverflow so I'm able to include jsfiddle and plunker links
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