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Xcode 5 - remove source control for project

I been using source control for a project for while, but now I want don't want to use source control. How do you remove source control for a project in Xcode 5?

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There are three ways. Method 1 will disable source control for all projects. Method 2 will delete the link to a single repository for all projects. Method 3 will remove the link to a repository for a single project. I think Method 3 is the one you are looking for.

1: Through Source Control Management Preferences

In Xcode, choose Xcode-> Preferences, then select Source Control and uncheck Enable Source Control option.

enter image description here

2: Go to Xcode->Preference->Accounts->Repositories and delete them.

enter image description here

3: You can do it manually this way: Show Hidden Files on your Mac and delete all the .svn or .git or .tf files (according to the source control) folders from the project.

Example svn directory:

enter image description here

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