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Determine MAX Decimal Scale Used on a Column

In MS SQL, I need a approach to determine the largest scale being used by the rows for a certain decimal column.

For example Col1 Decimal(19,8) has a scale of 8, but I need to know if all 8 are actually being used, or if only 5, 6, or 7 are being used.

Sample Data:


For the data above, I'd need the query to either return 5, or 123.12345000 or 5244.12345000.

I'm not concerned about performance, I'm sure a full table scan will be in order, I just need to run the query once.

Answer Source

Not pretty, but I think it should do the trick:

-- Find the first non-zero character in the reversed string...
-- And then subtract from the scale of the decimal + 1.
SELECT 9 - PATINDEX('%[1-9]%', REVERSE(Col1))
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