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Javascript Question

JQuery: how to name click functions?

I have a script and I need to be able to name some of my anonymous click functions. For instance, here is some code:

Document ready:


{top_x: 1,top_y: 2,bottom_x: 290,bottom_y:380,callback: #id1 anonymous function},
{top_x: 275,top_y: 2,bottom_x: 470,bottom_y:380,callback: #id2 anonymous function},
{top_x: 460,top_y: 2,bottom_x: 701,bottom_y:380,callback: #id3 anonymous function}

$('#id1').click(function() {

$('#id2').click(function() {

$('#id3').click(function() {

How do I write my callbacks so that I don't have to duplicate the code outside the
? I tried putting it all inline, following the
, but it didn't work. So what do I put in place of my anonymous function callback calls?


It sounds like you want to have the click functions use a named function which is callable from elsewhere in the code. If so just define the functions outside the jQuery ready function and use them by name in the click method.

function id1Click() { 

$(function() {