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How to load sqlite extension in PDO?

First, I want to inform about the case to avoid the misunderstanding.

By sqlite extension, I mention Sqlite's extension like FTS, not PHP's sqlite extension.

I have been using PDO Sqlite in my application, it cannot be changed.

As I saw here, Sqlite extensions can be loaded as query seen below:

SELECT load_extension('xyz.so');
$db = new PDO ( 'sqlite:qwert.db' );
$db->query("SELECT load_extension('myextension.so');");
$db->query("SELECT myfunction(name) FROM table");
$rows = $db->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_CLASS, 'stdClass');

Note: myfunction is method of myextension

But when I test with this query from PDO, it return "not authorized" message.

For only testing purpose, I tried PHP's Sqlite3 extension to load the extension by using the code below:

$db = new SQLite3('qwer.db');

It works

As I know that PDO Sqlite hasnot a method like loadExtension for loading extensions

Any idea how can I handle this?

Answer Source

could not find a compiler flag and we have solved it with a quick'n dirty hack in pdo_sqlite extension. patched sqlite_driver.c with sqlite3_enable_load_extension() from sqlite3 API.

--- php-5.3.7.old/ext/pdo_sqlite/sqlite_driver.c    2012-01-06 11:04:44.000000000 -0500
+++ sqlite_driver.c 2012-01-06 08:16:58.000000000 -0500
@@ -718,6 +718,8 @@
        goto cleanup;

+   sqlite3_enable_load_extension(H->db, 1);
    if (PG(safe_mode) || (PG(open_basedir) && *PG(open_basedir))) {
        sqlite3_set_authorizer(H->db, authorizer, NULL);

Hope this helps...

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