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Python Question

Is there a pip / easy_install for Scala?

I want to organize my Scala packages and love how Python solves this issue with


Can you recommend a similar tool for the management of Scala packages?

I am looking for an easy installation of new packages with all it's dependencies like

>>> pip install <a_package> # installs a_package with all dependencies.

Answer Source

The most directly similar is probably Scala Build Tool. Specifically, Library Dependencies. The Java ecosystem includes many libraries and build tools, Scala is built on Java. So you gain the ability to leverage things like -

Further, because everything is run inside a virtual machine; there is no "system" level install. You can start with your CLASSPATH and for more investigate class loading.

L=`dirname $0`/../lib
cp=`echo $L/*.jar|sed 's/ /:/g'`
exec scala -classpath "$cp" "$0" "$@"
val goodness = new Goodness
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