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How can I fit text in label in Kivy?

I have a label with text that needs its

to fit in some rectangle. I think I should get size in pixels like this (formulas):

# Device independent pixels

px = dp * density

# Scale independent pixels

px = sp * density * fontscale

# Points

px = pt * dpi / 72.

But problem is that I can't get dpi, density, fontscale, etc., it says:

TypeError: 'float' object is not callable

Also it seems there is no built-in function that can fit the text.

Answer Source

I think, I've found the solution.

class BlockLabel(Label):
    scale_factor = .9
    factor = dimension = None

    def on_texture_size(self, *args):
        if not self.factor:
            self.factor = [self.font_size / self.texture_size[0], self.font_size / self.texture_size[1]]
        if not self.dimension:
            self.dimension = 1 if self.texture_size[0] * self.size[1] < self.texture_size[1] * self.size[0] else 0
        self.font_size = self.size[self.dimension] * self.scale_factor * self.factor[self.dimension]

I've tested it only on squares (I mean text inscribed in square) for now, but it should work on rectangles too. Also if there are only squares, self.size can be removed like this:

self.dimension = 1 if self.texture_size[0] < self.texture_size[1] else 0

And I've tested this code only for one-line text, I don't know if it works for multi-line text correctly, although it should.

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