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Spark UDF with varargs

Is it an only option to list all the arguments up to 22 as shown in documentation?

Anyone figured out how to do something similar to this?

sc.udf.register("func", (s: String*) => s......

(writing custom concat function that skips nulls, had to 2 arguments at the time)


Answer Source

UDFs don't support varargs* but you can pass an arbitrary number of columns wrapped using an array function:

import org.apache.spark.sql.functions.{udf, array, lit}

val myConcatFunc = (xs: Seq[Any], sep: String) => 
  xs.filter(_ != null).mkString(sep)

val myConcat = udf(myConcatFunc)

An example usage:

val  df = sc.parallelize(Seq(
  (null, "a", "b", "c"), ("d", null, null, "e")
)).toDF("x1", "x2", "x3", "x4")

val cols = array($"x1", $"x2", $"x3", $"x4")
val sep = lit("-"), sep).alias("concatenated")).show

// +------------+
// |concatenated|
// +------------+
// |       a-b-c|
// |         d-e|
// +------------+

With raw SQL:

sqlContext.udf.register("myConcat", myConcatFunc)

    "SELECT myConcat(array(x1, x2, x4), '.') AS concatenated FROM df"

// +------------+
// |concatenated|
// +------------+
// |         a.c|
// |         d.e|
// +------------+

A slightly more complicated approach is not use UDF at all and compose SQL expressions with something roughly like this:

import org.apache.spark.sql.functions._
import org.apache.spark.sql.Column

def myConcatExpr(sep: String, cols: Column*) = regexp_replace(concat(
    (acc, c) => when(c.isNotNull, concat(acc, c, lit(sep))).otherwise(acc)
), s"($sep)?$$", "")
  myConcatExpr("-", $"x1", $"x2", $"x3", $"x4").alias("concatenated")
// +------------+
// |concatenated|
// +------------+
// |       a-b-c|
// |         d-e|
// +------------+

but I doubt it is worth the effort unless you work with PySpark.

* If you pass a function using varargs it will be stripped from all the syntactic sugar and resulting UDF will expect an ArrayType. For example:

def f(s: String*) = s.mkString
udf(f _)

will be of type:

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