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SQL Question

Add values of a column and display added result in new table

The table with the data that I have

In the above table I have the columns : weekNumber , weeklyHours , points_Rewarded.

There are four employees : a,b,c,d

I have the values for week1,week2,week3, and so on ( I can have data for many more weeks also such as week4,week5, etc)

I want to write a query such that after passing the query I get the total of the weeklyHours and points_Rewarded for each employee in a new table.
The kind of table that the query should give me is here the desired table that I want after passing the query

Please help me with the query.

Thanks in advance.

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You can use GROUP BY to achieve aggregate values. In your case your are looking for SUM.

Try this

DECLARE @tbl TABLE(EmployeeID INT, EmployeeName VARCHAR(100),WeekNumber VARCHAR(100),WeeklyHours INT,pointsRewarded INT);

SELECT tbl.EmployeeID
      ,SUM(tbl.WeeklyHours) AS Total_Weekly_Hours
      ,SUM(pointsRewarded) AS Total_Points
FROM @tbl AS tbl
GROUP BY tbl.EmployeeID, tbl.EmployeeName