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Python Question

Module Import Error for Pypi module

I am trying to import a pypi module (thinkx 1.1.2) into spyder. It is installed on anaconda and showing up on conda list. I my python path folders is my anaconda folder. When I attempt to import thinkx into spyder I get :
import thinkx
Traceback (most recent call last):

File "", line 1, in
import thinkx

ImportError: No module named 'thinkx'

Answer Source

According to module README, thinkx does not expose package named thinkx.

It provides the following modules:

  • thinkbayes: Code for Think Bayes.
  • thinkstats2: Code for Think Stats, 2nd edition
  • thinkbayes2: Code for Think Bayes, 2nd edition, not yet published.
  • thinkdsp: Code for Think DSP
  • thinkplot: Plotting code used in all of the books, mostly wrapper functions for matplotlib.pyplot


import thinkbayes
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