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C# Question

How to Moq methods that return "this"

I have an interface

interface IService
IService Configure();
bool Run();

The "real" implementation does this:

class RealService : IService
public IService Configure()
return this;

public bool Run()
return true;

Using Moq to mock the service creates a default implementation of
that returns

Is there a way to setup methods in Moq that return the mocked instance?

Answer Source

Assuming that you are using Moq, you can simply Setup the mock to return itself:

var mock = new Mock<IService>();

mock.Setup(service => service.Configure()).Returns(mock.Object);

var testClass = new TestClass(mock.Object);

Then validate if the method returned what you expect:

Assert.AreEqual(mock.Object, testClass.DoStuff());
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