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Finding compiler vendor / version using qmake

Is there any way to get the version and vendor of the compiler used by the user through qmake? What I need is to disable building some targets of my project when g++ 3.x is used and enable them when g++ 4.x is used.

Update: Most answers targeted the preprocessor. This is something that I want to avoid. I don't want a target to be build for a specific compiler version and I want this decision to be made by the build system.

Answer Source

In addition to ashcatch's answer, qmake allows you to query the command line and get the response back as a variable. So you could to something like this:

linux-g++ {
    system( g++ --version | grep -e "\<4.[0-9]" ) {
        message( "g++ version 4.x found" )
        CONFIG += g++4
    else system( g++ --version | grep -e "\<3.[0-9]" ) {
        message( "g++ version 3.x found" )
        CONFIG += g++3
    else {
        error( "Unknown system/compiler configuration" )

Then later, when you want to use it to specify targets, you can use the config scoping rules:

SOURCES += blah blah2 blah3
g++4: SOURCES += blah4 blah5
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