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Turn shortcode into link

Is it possible to make this shortcode into a clickable link? I have a link for a button, but I want the complete box to be the link

[infobox color="#dd3333" textcolor="#ffffff" icon="arrow-circle-o-right"][/infobox]

Can I not wrap it within an a tag?

<a [infobox color="#dd3333" textcolor="#ffffff" icon="arrow-circle-o-right"][/infobox]</a>

Answer Source

Of course you can, you just need to do it with the correct syntax. For example, your would be:

<a href="yourlink.html"> [infobox color="#dd3333" textcolor="#ffffff" icon="arrow-circle-o-right"]       [/infobox]</a>

And that's it.
Have faith in your endevours!

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