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AngularJs. Is it possible to deselect HTML “radio” input by click?

I have radio inputs and want to ucheck state by click on radio if current radio is checked.

This code:

<input type="radio" id="average_0" name="average" ng-model="checked" ng-change="false" value="500" class="ng-valid ng-dirty">
<input type="radio" id="average_1" name="average" ng-model="checked" ng-change="false" value="1000" class="ng-valid ng-dirty">
<input type="radio" id="average_2" name="average" ng-model="checked" ng-change="false" value="1500" class="ng-valid ng-dirty">

Not working.


Answer Source

Radio buttons can be selected only one at a time and cannot be unchecked by the user once they are checked (unless you do programmatically). So if you want to uncheck it when it is currently selected, you can do this:

<input type="radio" ng-model="checked" value="500" ng-click="uncheck($event)" />
<input type="radio" ng-model="checked" value="1000" ng-click="uncheck($event)" />
<input type="radio" ng-model="checked" value="1500" ng-click="uncheck($event)" />

In your controller:

$scope.uncheck = function (event) {
    if ($scope.checked ==
        $scope.checked = false


NOTE: If you really want to choose one or none from many options, you may opt for a <select>

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