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Java Question

How can I create a Lync meeting from my Java program?

I have a program written in Java that uses the Exchange Web Services (EWS) API to create appointments on users' calendars via impersonation. Now I want to create Lync meetings instead.

I thought I could just set the

property to true and be done with it, but apparently this property is useless.

The next idea I had was to use the UCMA, but it seems like you can't call UCMA from Java.

I am looking into using UCWA, but it sounds like it doesn't support impersonation.

Answer Source

There is a Lync (UCWA) API to do this at

This API does not support impersonation, so if you want to create a Lync meeting on behalf of another user, your application will need to somehow get the user's credentials to sign in and get an OAuth token. Once you have a token, you can call the API to get a JoinUrl.

If desired you can then place the JoinUrl for the meeting in the body of a calendar appointment you make with the EWS API.

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