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PDO were rows affected during execute statement

I have found many ways to use the exec statement for PDO, but I'm not sure it helps me. My understanding is that I have to use the execute() function for prepared statements. I am updating a row with data from user input, so I would like to use a prepared statement instead of the query() call.

My code is as follows:

$dbh = buildDBConnector();
$sql = "UPDATE tb_users
SET authState=1
WHERE id = ? AND authPass = ?";
$q = $dbh->prepare($sql);
$f = $q->execute(array($id,$authPass));
echo '<br />Success<br />';
echo '<br />Failure<br />';

The issue is that the query itself is error free and executes fine, so there is no failure to store in $f. However, I need to know if it actually found the row to update, then successfully updated it. In other words, I need the affected rows. When googling and such, it keeps coming to the exec statement, but from my understanding, exec isn't for prepared statements? Any suggestions?

Answer Source

Try $q->rowCount(). Prepared statements will return the number of affected rows via that method.

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