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Javascript Question

Get selected element's outer HTML

I'm trying to get the HTML of a selected object with jQuery. I am aware of the

function; the issue is that I need the HTML including the selected object (a table row in this case, where
only returns the cells inside the row).

I've searched around and found a few very ‘hackish’ type methods of cloning an object, adding it to a newly created div, etc, etc, but this seems really dirty. Is there any better way, or does the new version of jQuery (1.4.2) offer any kind of


2014 Edit : The question and this reply are from 2010. At the time, no better solution was widely available. Now, many of the other replies are better : Eric Hu's, or Re Capcha's for example.

This site seems to have a solution for you : jQuery: outerHTML | Yelotofu

jQuery.fn.outerHTML = function(s) {
    return s
        ? this.before(s).remove()
        : jQuery("<p>").append(this.eq(0).clone()).html();