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Laravel session data get cleared out after redirect to next page

Using Laravel 5.2

Im trying to store session data in controller, then if validation succeed, i want to redirect the user to next page. When i do the Redirct::to('nextpage') the session data is lost in my next page and controller.

This is the controller in getting the form post value from 'domainSearch'

class domainSearch extends Controller
public function store(Request $request)
// validate the info, create rules for the inputs
$rules = array(
'domainSearch' => 'required' // make sure the username field is not empty

// run the validation rules on the inputs from the form
$validator = Validator::make(Input::all(), $rules);

// if the validator fails, redirect back to the form
if ($validator->fails()) {
return Redirect::to('/')
->withErrors($validator) // send back all errors to the login form
->withInput(Input::except('password')); // send back the input (not the password) so that we can repopulate the form
else {
// validation not successful, send back to form
$request->session()->put('domainname', $request->get('domainSearch'));
return Redirect::to('/domainlist');



This is the controller im trying to pass session data to and pick up. But it always remain null.

class DomainList extends Controller
public function index(Request $request){

return view('domainlist');

If i send the user to next page with return view('view'); the session data is there, but get cleared out when using the redirect function.

How to i redirect without losing session data and variables?

Answer Source

try var_dump($request->session()->get('domainname')); in your index.

BTW, you can also use the session() global function to store or retrieve your session data.

Route::get('home', function () {
  // Retrieve a piece of data from the session...
  $value = session('key');

  // Store a piece of data in the session...
  session(['key' => 'value']);
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