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How to change playback rate in jwplayer

I want to change the playback speed of video in HTML5 mode of jwplayer. I am not interested in flash browser, we will be restricting this feature only for HTML5 browsers

I tried changing the playbackrate for HTML5 in jwplayer but playbackrate is coming undefined
i am attaching my code below

sources: [
{file:'./test.mp4' , type: "mp4" },
image : './test.jpg'
$("#speed_10").click(function() {
myVid=$( "#my-video" ).find('.jwvideo').find('video');

alert($( "#my-video" ).find('.jwvideo').find('video').attr('src'))
alert($( "#my-video" ).find('.jwvideo').find('video').length)
$( "#my-video" ).find('.jwvideo').find('video').PlaybackRate=0.5;


1st alert coming as 1

2nd alert coming undefined

3rd alert is showing "source"

4th alert is 1

I am able to catch the div but not able to change the playback rate in jquery !!!


following above link i also tried with java script and it worked using code below


but if i use above code how do i use this for multiple video since there is no ID involved in above code [no unique id is passed for above javascript]

Below is the div structure for the jwplayer HTML5 structure of jwplayer

Answer Source

I found the answer for this, main issue which i faced for multiple video was how to make each video unique.i just had to get div by ID first and after get 'Video' tag than change playbackrate
adding the code below

var video = document.getElementById(playerId)
var video_speed = video.getElementsByTagName('video')[0]


I even tried with multiple video, it worked fine

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