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how to analyze load on a web page?

It happened to me to create a page to display blog posts.
Every blog entry has the usual "Facebook like", "tweet this post" and "+1".
There is also some extra JS for other functions and probably some scripts I am not aware of that are running in the background.

The page unfortunately generates a very heavy CPU load, affecting negatively the UX..

I assume that some JS, running in the background, are the cause.

Do you recommend any solution to analyze this kind of problem?
Ideally I would like a "Task manager" for the browser, where I could see WHAT is generating the heavy CPU load.

Answer Source

you need to use http://www.fiddler2.com/fiddler2/ to analyze it. If call the web page and check it in the fiddler how your webpage performs it is very helpful will tell you which javascript , which image loading takes time. This works for any browser.

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