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Stax API XML parsing produces null results

I have been trying to get this over for a while now with little or no success. Right now, I am really out of options. I will appreciate some assistance or pointers towards the right direction.... since I believe I am not doing somethings very well.

After parsing with the code below, I have null values in most of the fields:

Result{id=30c26c8a-8bdf-4d4d-8f8d-a19661f16877, name=Andriod_Office_Task, owner =generated.Owner@53d8d10a, comment=, creationTime=2016-09-09T19:30, modificationTime=2016-09-09T19:30:05+02:00, reportId=null, taskid=null, host=null, port=null, nvt=null, scanNVTVersion=null, threat=null, severity=null, description=null}

The parsing methods (other methods are excluded for brevity):

private List<Result> readDocument(XMLStreamReader parser) throws XMLStreamException, DatatypeConfigurationException {
List<Result> results = new ArrayList<>();

while (parser.hasNext()) {
int eventType =;
switch (eventType) {
case XMLStreamReader.START_ELEMENT:
String elementName = parser.getLocalName();
if (elementName.equals("result"))
case XMLStreamReader.END_ELEMENT:
return results;

throw new XMLStreamException("Premature end of file");

public Result readResult(XMLStreamReader parser) throws XMLStreamException, DatatypeConfigurationException {

Result result = new Result();
result.setId(parser.getAttributeValue(null, "id"));

Report report = new Report();

Task task = new Task();

while (parser.hasNext()) {
int eventType =;
switch (eventType) {
case XMLStreamReader.START_ELEMENT:
String elementName = parser.getLocalName();
if (elementName.equals("name"))
else if (elementName.equals("host"))
else if (elementName.equals("owner"))
else if (elementName.equals("comment"))
else if (elementName.equals("creation_time"))


else if (elementName.equals("modification_time"))
else if (elementName.equals("report"))
else if (elementName.equals("task"))
else if (elementName.equals("user_tags"))
else if (elementName.equals("port"))
else if (elementName.equals("nvt"))
else if (elementName.equals("scan_nvt_version"))
else if (elementName.equals("threat"))
else if (elementName.equals("severity"))
else if (elementName.equals("qod"))
result.setQod((Qod) readQod(parser));
else if (elementName.equals("description"))

case XMLStreamReader.END_ELEMENT:
return result;


throw new XMLStreamException("Premature end of file");

private String readCharacters(XMLStreamReader reader) throws XMLStreamException {
StringBuilder result = new StringBuilder();
while (reader.hasNext()) {
int eventType =;
switch (eventType) {
case XMLStreamReader.CHARACTERS:
case XMLStreamReader.END_ELEMENT:
return result.toString();
throw new XMLStreamException("Premature end of file");


The result class is below :

@JsonIgnoreProperties(ignoreUnknown = true)
public class Result {

private String id;

private String name;

private Task task;

private String comment;

@XmlElement(name = "creation_time")
String creationTime;

@XmlElement(name = "modification_time")
private String modificationTime;

// TODO user_tags
private UserTags userTags;

private Owner owner;

private Qod qod;

* // * The report the result belongs to (only when details were requested)
* //
@XmlElementWrapper(name = "report")
@XmlElement(name = "reportId")
private String reportId;

private String host;

private String port;

private NVT nvt;

@XmlElement(name = "scan_nvt_version")
private String scanNVTVersion;

private String threat;

private String severity;

private String description;

public Result() {

public String getId() {
return id;

public void setId(String id) { = id;

public Task getTask() {
return task;

public void setTask(Task task) {
this.task = task;

public String getName() {
return name;

public void setName(String name) { = name;

public String getComment() {
return comment;

public void setComment(String comment) {
this.comment = comment;

public String getCreationTime() {
return creationTime;

public void setCreationTime(String creationTime) {
this.creationTime = creationTime;

public String getModificationTime() {
return modificationTime;

public void setModificationTime(String modificationTime) {
this.modificationTime = modificationTime;

public UserTags getUserTags() {
return userTags;

public void setUserTags(UserTags userTags) {
this.userTags = userTags;

public Qod getQod() {
return qod;

public void setQod(Qod qod) {
this.qod = qod;

public Owner getOwner() {
return owner;

public void setOwner(Owner owner) {
this.owner = owner;

public String getReportId() {
return reportId;

public void setReportId(String reportId) {
this.reportId = reportId;

public String getHost() {
return host;

public void setHost(String host) { = host;

public String getPort() {
return port;

public void setPort(String port) {
this.port = port;

public NVT getNvt() {
return nvt;

public void setNvt(NVT nvt) {
this.nvt = nvt;

public String getScanNVTVersion() {
return scanNVTVersion;

public void setScanNVTVersion(String scanNVTVersion) {
this.scanNVTVersion = scanNVTVersion;

public String getThreat() {
return threat;

public void setThreat(String threat) {
this.threat = threat;

public String getSeverity() {
return severity;

public void setSeverity(String severity) {
this.severity = severity;

public String getDescription() {
return description;

public void setDescription(String description) {
this.description = description;

public String toString() {
return "Result{" + "id=" + id +
", name=" + name + ", owner =" + owner +
", comment=" + comment + ", creationTime=" + creationTime + ", modificationTime=" + modificationTime
+ ", reportId=" + reportId + ", taskid=" + task + ", host=" + host + ", port=" + port + ", nvt=" + nvt
+ ", scanNVTVersion=" + scanNVTVersion + ", threat=" + threat + ", severity=" + severity
+ ", description=" + description + '}';


<get_results_response status="200" status_text="OK">
<result id="30c26c8a-8bdf-4d4d-8f8d-a19661f16877">
<name>Trace route</name>
< id="2a6d7f75-f6b7-40b2-a792-b558fada375b"/>
<task id="e59ac66b-5b59-4756-bace-37bb1106276d">
<nvt oid="">
<tags>cvss_base_vector=AV:N/AC:L/Au:N/C:N/I:N/A:N|qod_type=remote_banner|solution=Block unwanted packets from escaping your network.|summary=A traceroute from the scanning server to the target system was
conducted. This traceroute is provided primarily for informational
value only. In the vast majority of cases, it does not represent a
vulnerability. However, if the displayed traceroute contains any
private addresses that should not have been publicly visible, then you
have an issue you need to correct.</tags>
<scan_nvt_version>$Revision: 2837 $</scan_nvt_version>
<description>Here is the route from to</description>
<filters id="">
<term>first=1 rows=-1 sort=name</term>
<results max="-1" start="1"/>

Answer Source

After some research and attempts with some common xml parsing approaches, I ended up using jackson-dataformat-xml approach. While this might not be the best it gave me what I wanted with much less code. Basically, I had to adapt the annotations in the model classes as below :

 @JacksonXmlRootElement(localName = "results")
 public class Results {

@JacksonXmlProperty(localName = "result")
@JacksonXmlElementWrapper(useWrapping = false)
public Result [] result;

public Results() {

public Result[] getResult() {
    return result;

public void setResult(Result[] result) {
    this.result = result;

public String toString() {
    return "Results [result=" + Arrays.toString(result) + "]";

And some adaptations for the parsing class:

public class GetReportsResponseHandler extends   DefaultHandler<GetReportsResponse> {

private XmlMapper mapper = new XmlMapper();
public GetReportsResponseHandler() {
super(new GetReportsResponse(), "get_reports_response");
AnnotationIntrospector primary = new JacksonAnnotationIntrospector();
AnnotationIntrospector secondary = new JaxbAnnotationIntrospector();
AnnotationIntrospector pair = new AnnotationIntrospectorPair(primary,         secondary);

protected void parseStartElement(XMLStreamReader parser) throws    XMLStreamException, IOException {
    if ("report".equals(parser.getName().toString())){
        Report report = mapper.readValue(parser, Report.class);
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