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Click ImageView within a ListView ListItem and get the position?

Currently, when the ListItem is clicked I grab its position and pass it to my StopsScheduleActiviy. I would like to detect when the ImageView of that ListItem is clicked so that I can launch my MapActivity instead and pass it the position.

Basically: Click the ImageView launch MapsActivity, otherwise click anywhere else on ListItem launch StopsScheduleActivity. In Both cases I need the position. How can I do this?

Here is my current onItemClick listener.

public void onItemClick(AdapterView<?> parent, View view, int position, long id) {

Intent myIntent = new Intent(this, StopsScheduleActivity.class);
myIntent.putExtra("stop", stops.get(position));


Log.i("Winnipeg Bus", "Stop item #" + id + " clicked.");

Here is my ListView with a map for an ImageView that I want to listen to for clicks. Thanks!

enter image description here

Answer Source

For ImageView's Click You have to make a custom adapter for your listview.

And in adpater's getView() method just write a imageView's onClick(), And start your new activity from that imageview's onClick().

For custom list just look at this tutorial Android Series: Custom ListView items and adapters ..

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