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SQL Question

Regex pattern inside REPLACE function

SELECT REPLACE('ABCTemplate1', 'Template\d+', '');
SELECT REPLACE('ABC_XYZTemplate21', 'Template\d+', '');

I am trying to remove the part
followed by n digits from a string. The result should be


However REPLACE is not able to read regex. I am using SQLSERVER 2008. Am I doing something wrong here? Any suggestions?

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Answer Source
SELECT SUBSTRING('ABCTemplate1', 1, CHARINDEX('Template','ABCTemplate1')-1)


SELECT SUBSTRING('ABC_XYZTemplate21',1,PATINDEX('%Template[0-9]%','ABC_XYZTemplate21')-1)

More generally,

SELECT SUBSTRING(column_name,1,PATINDEX('%Template[0-9]%',column_name)-1)
FROM sometable
WHERE PATINDEX('%Template[0-9]%',column_name) > 0

You can use substring with charindex or patindex if the pattern being looked for is fixed.

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