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TypeScript Question

Good Front-End Frameworks for Small Scale Single Page Web App?

I'm starting a small web-app, and am not expecting much traffic (at most 200 users at once). I'm mainly using this to learn web development, so I'm using pure Java servlets in the backend. However, I'm looking for a front-end framework that's built for single page applications. I'd like for it to be relatively easy to learn quickly. Preferrably, it would use JavaScript (that's one of the languages I'm really trying to get used to), or even TypeScript. I've done quite a bit of research, but being quite new to web dev, a lot of the stuff I read online doesn't clarify which frameworks would be best for me, so I would appreciate the help here. Thanks!

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I think React is fit for you. I have use react, react-router, redux build several single page apps.

And with experience of frameworks such as angular, react, vue, I think React if most fit for SPA.

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