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Gather an acceptable XPath or CSS selector for Selenium using Firepath, and FireBug from Select2

A website I'm designing tests for uses the Select2 plugin for drop-down lists and entry fields. I can manage to manually code the clicking and sendkeys functions for the initial fields, but drop-downs have me messed up. I can select the drop-down item, but not any sort of unique identifier that Selenium IDE will accept for quick testing.

How can I select one of the drop-down options?

<div id="select2-drop-mask" class="select2-drop-mask" style="display: block;"/>
<div id="select2-drop" class="select2-drop select2-display-none select2-drop-active select2-drop-above" style="left: 1015.5px; width: 438px; top: auto; bottom: -229px; display: block;">
<div class="select2-search select2-search-hidden select2-offscreen">
<span class="fa fa-search select2-search-placeholder"/>
<input class="select2-input" type="text" placeholder="Search" spellcheck="false" autocapitalize="off" autocorrect="off" autocomplete="off"/>
<ul class="select2-results">
<li class="select2-results-dept-0 select2-result select2-result-selectable select2-highlighted">
<div class="select2-result-label">
<li class="select2-results-dept-0 select2-result select2-result-selectable">
<div class="select2-result-label">
<span class="select2-match"/>
Fraudulent Account (ID Theft)

There are more list items, but I'd prefer to not give too many tells as to who this code is for. I would also prefer not to use any sort of numerical-array selectors, because the test code needs to be able to easily accept new amendments to the website.


You can match element by it's text value with following XPath:

//li[normalize-space(.)="Fraudulent Account (ID Theft)"]